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Feel and Timing Horsemanship LLC is dedicated to helping horse owners achieve their goals with their horses. With over a decade of experience and a commitment to safety, we are certified and insured horse professionals who are passionate about helping others reach their full potential as horse owners. We strive to provide the highest quality instruction and horsemanship services, tailored to each individual's needs. Our clients have achieved their goals and found success through our guidance and support. Contact us today and discover the difference that Feel and Timing Horsemanship LLC can make in your horsemanship journey.

Rose, owner and CEO, creates unique training plans that cater to each horse's personality and needs. She takes inspiration from a variety of trainers, such as Clinton Anderson, Mark Rashid, and Carson James. Each training session prioritizes safety, respect, and fun. By placing an emphasis on foundations and groundwork, Rose ensures each horse engages in basic knowledge and fills any knowledge gaps before pushing the envelope on their skillset. 


Why train with us?

Feel and Timing Horsemanship LLC is certified and insured. We understand every horse is different, and so in that are their needs. Each horse's training schedule and content is tailored to their personality, past experiences, and reactions. After discussing the goal of training with owners, we assess the horse and gain an understanding on what type of training they will most improve with. We pride ourselves on using a variety of training methods, such as clicker training and positive reinforcement, to ensure the best experience for horse and owner.

Expanding into Equine Massage

Human massage therapy is commonly emphasized in athlete regimens, so why not do the same for our equine partners? Feel and Timing Horsemanship LLC prioritizes bringing out the best in horses, both physically and mentally.

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